Encyclopedic project:

an iconographic work that will describe from various angles every reptiles and amphibians species still present on Earth.

In 2015 I realized that reptiles and amphibians were poorly studied and there was a lack of photographs of them. I also realized during my travels that deforestation and habitat destruction were reaching a critical point, so I decided to start these studies myself. From February 2015, I started to travel the world and photograph as many reptiles and amphibians species I could.



Photo: Ludovic David, Herve Maury


Why ?

1 - Only recently we had access to new camera technologies that enables a better quality when photographing wildlife.

(previous generations couldn’t make it)

2 - The world biodiversity is still huge despite the recent loss of numerous species.

(the next generations will not be able to photograph that many species due to their high disappearance rate)

Want to Help?

Since I started, I have always been on my own, I financed the encyclopedia by myself. Now I am willing to go faster and further, so I am looking for a partnership or sponsors … Feel free to contact me.


Photo: Floriane Festeau

Photo: Zaharil Dzulkafly


Editing and design ID

Photo: Somchit Sudavanh


This project of Encyclopedia started end of February 2015, now it portrays over 850 species and around 2400 ID files. It is just a fraction of the world herpetaufauna: the work has just begun. Here you can appreciate how much work, traveling, hiking I had to put into this project... to make those ID’s come to reality.


Flights: 243

Walking 2727 Kms

Denivelation by walking since

since 08/2017: 71358 Meters

Field work: 1544 Hrs

Photography: 576 Hrs


Computer work: 4596 Hrs

Traveling days: 682 days

Total kms: 505286

Specimens photographed: 2995


Total working: 6716 Hrs

Update 07/01/2020

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